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We can assist clients with planning for school fees, savings and investments for their future retirement. This can be done via a number of investment vehicles such as Units Trusts (UT’s), International Investment bonds (IIB’s) and Self Invested Personal Pension Plans (SIPPS)



Whether you are returning to the UK or any other country or even staying in Hong Kong we can assist with various pension strategies. QROP’s appear to be very popular with expatriates intending to stay offshore for 5 years because of the tax savings and the potential to pass the pension down to families upon death of the initial holder.

Family Protection

After working hard to build up the family finances one of the main areas people forget or neglect is the protection not only of the people earning the family income but also the preservation of the assets the family has already built up. There are various health insurance policies and life insurance policies designed not only to protect the people but also to pay out on death to assist the family in tax planning.

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Global coverage for expats

We mainly service and look after clients based in Hong Kong but we can work with clients over the phone for mortgage financing and refinancing. We have links with lenders worldwide so can assist with mortgages for Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan, China, UK, Canada, U.S.A, France, Italy and many more other countries worldwide

Expatriate Mortgages

Along with assisting client’s to acquire and protect their wealth Premier Expat Investments sister company also assists clients and enquirers with expat mortgages. Premier Expat Mortgages helps expatriates and overseas based enquirers to locate and find mortgage financing in over 10 different countries around the world. You can see more at Expat Mortgages Made Easy and Expatriate Mortgage Financing

Succession Planning

After spending your lifetime building up and protecting yourself and your family its a good time to start protecting your assets for your future generations. With UK expatriates facing Inheritance Tax bills of 40% after the nil rate bands this can drastically alter the balance or a lifetimes work of your wealth into the UK governments pockets only for the next generation to have to start the hard work all over again. Succession Planning can help in the preservation of your assets.

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